A-Z on songs!

Hey guys, So today i thought i would do a post where i would list as many songs that i can in alphabetical order. This might be kinda boring if it is tell me then i know not to do it again but if you do like also tell me cause its  nice thing to... Continue Reading →

Music Favourites!

Hey Guys, Happy Tuesday the 11th of April, i don't know whats so special about today but hope you are having a brilliant day! On Friday i broke up for the Easter Holidays, which means i have been listening to a lot of music causing my parents to keep yelling at me to turn my... Continue Reading →

Stationery Collection !!! 

Hey guys,  I'm not to sure about how this post is going to work out but I'll give it a go and hope it works!  So I'm going be showing you some only the stationery I own/ my favourite bits!  Sharpies, in colour order just for statisfaction😉! These are amazing for rivison notes and posters... Continue Reading →

What’s on my Phone!!!

Hey guys, So today I'm going to be showing you what on my phone!  The phone I have got is the IPhone 5s in silver, and I would show you my case but I hate my case 😂!  So that is my lock screen, and I found the wallpaper on Pinterest!  When you open the... Continue Reading →

Blue Skys Tag!

Hey guys, Here I am with another tag for you, I should be back with some other posts soon 😂. First of all I would like to thank Thoughts in Life for nomination me!  But without further or do, let's get on with this post!  Rules:  Give 11 questions to be answered  Tag 11 people  Answer there 11... Continue Reading →

Bloggers Recognition Award!!!

Hey guys,  So I was kindly nominated to do this post by  Rosialee  Thank you so much, I think you guys should all go check out her blog! If I have nominated you, you need to follow these rules Thank the blogger who nominated you and link there blog  Write a post (like this one;)) to... Continue Reading →

Goodbye 2016 !!!

Hey guys, I had you have all had lovely new years eve! As it is new years eve i thought what better time to list a bunch of memories from 2016, i thin that this will be a nice post to look back on in a few years and just see how life has changed!... Continue Reading →

Goals for 2017 !

Hey guys, I hope you all had a good Christmas, tell me something you got or what your favourite thing about Christmas 2016 was! I was so lucky this year as I got a laptop and a tablet, my parents didn't buy both of these they bought the laptop and the tablet was a present... Continue Reading →

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