Hey guys,

Okay so I’m not going to say that i have run out of ideas, as i did have A – lets not focus on that part- idea for a post but i couldn’t get it right! Sorry. So i took to my Instagram and asked you guys for some questions so here are your answers.

  • Β Why did you chose the name you did for your account?

Well if I’m honest I kinda stole it from the book girl online as I like autumn (as in the season) so I thought it would sum me up well.

  • Where do you want to travel to the most?

New York

  • What’s your favourite book?

Well i just finished reading everything everything which was an amazing book and I’ve nearly finished all the bright places which again is so far an amazing book.

  • What are you most likely to spend your money on?

At the moment I’m trying to save up for a camera (and it’s taking ages) but if i wasn’t it would be: clothes, makeup or stationary.

  • Texting or calling? Cats or Dogs? TV, movie or books?

Texting- i have this fear of speaking on the phone so if you ring me I will not answer, Cats as I have 2 pet cats, as you gave me 3 options I’m going to give you 2 answers TV and books πŸ™‚

  • What was the inspiration behind your account?

Just being able to have a place where I can really be me, as I get really panicky when speaking to people in real life so I find it a lot easier writing stuff than speaking it.

  • What’s your favourite summer time memory?

I can’t pick a favourite but there’s 2 funny ones so last year i nearly fell into a river and ended up getting my my foot soaked ,and probably 2 years ago now (wow time flies by) we were in Scotland and we were on this cliff thing and my dad walked into this really boggy bit – as it has been raining – and it was so funny.

  • What’s the biggest risk you have taken?

I’m not exactly much of risk taker if i’m honest so probably create this blog (very risky if i do say so my self, jokes)

  • What is the little thing you really appreciate and love?

Now when I first read this question i thought everything then realised that’s not so small. So probably just a smile like that can honestly change so much in someones day or life.

  • Why did you start a blog?

Again just as a way to be me with no worries of what people might think and so far it’s going well. Also i hope in the future maybe if my blog gets a bit bigger i would love to be able to work closely with charity’s and stuff like that.

  • Why is your account anonymous?

This way (un-like in ordinary life) I have no fears of whats going to happen, and it just takes a lot of stress off of me.

  • Where are you going this summer?

I’m going to Devon and my parents just booked it today!

I hope you enjoyed. I’m not trying to make up excuses but if I am not so active for the next week or two it’s because I’m planning and putting together something very exciting.

Also happy first day of August, enjoy the month and stay safe,

Autumn Girl, chasing the leaves xoxo


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