Top 10 people I want to see live!!

Hey Guys,

I’m back again with another post about music, what a surprise, I will try and do a different post at some point next week! SORRY.  Anyway,  today i am going to be sharing with you guys the top 10 people i want to see live/ at a concert ( just in case you can’t tell by the title). I’ve never actually been to a concert but i feel like you could get some amazing pictures at them and listen to some great music!

Now for the list (good old lists 😉 ~

  1. Shawn Mendes – I am so obsessed with his music at the moment. I have also seen some of the pictures on his Instagram and they look amazing!
  2. Little Mix – I’ve seen so many videos of there live performances and the effort they must put into them with learning all the dances is just incredible.
  3. One Direction- I know there not together at the moment but when / if they ever get back together i hope they do a tour, I’ve been obsessed with them pretty much from the beginning  (FANGIRL)
  4. Of Monsters and Men – I don’t know if they do tours but there music is amazing! My dad got me and my family into there music a few years ago when we went to Scotland.
  5. SCRIPT – if i ever saw them live i would 100% have to take my sister with me as we both love there music!
  6. Bruno Mars – i honestly feel like evryone loves his music I’m yet to meet someone who has said that they hate his music!
  7. Ed Sheeran – His new album is so amazing my favourite song is by far Galway Girl, again I’ve seen video’s of him live and they just sound amazing!!
  8. Ariana Grande – Her voice is just amazing and i obviously could not mention her with out saying that my thoughts and prayers go to everyone who was effected by the horrible incident that happened in Manchester!
  9. Sabrina Carpenter – Her voice is just amazing I’ve never heard anything like it ( in a good way) and her ablum EVOLution is amazing !
  10. The Vamps – again I’ve seen videos of there live shows and they look amazing!!


Thank you for reading, comment down below anyone who you have seen or want to see live!

Autumn Girl, chasing the leaves xoxo



6 thoughts on “Top 10 people I want to see live!!

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  1. Nice list! Hahaha funny story…I was invited to see One Direction for a friend’s birthday a long time ago, but my parents didn’t want me going to a concert so young, and thennnn last year my neighbor asked if I wanted to go to a Shawn Mendes concert, but she was out of school, and since I go to a public school, I couldn’t go because it was a school night :((((. Okay thank you for putting Sabrina on here, because her new album is actually REALLY good! Whenever people are going through my music on my phone, they’re like seriously?

    Also, I’m 14 too! And funnily enough, I live in NEW hampshire, NEW england…I was talking to my friend a week ago about how New England is annoying because since the first settlers came here or whatever, EVERY stupid place here has new, added on to places in England. The REAL England…haha ackk

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