Top 5 places i want to go to!!!

Hey guys,

So as your all probably aware the summer months are approaching (kinda) and thats when people start to think so places that they would like to go on holiday. So i thought i would share with you some of my dream places to go on holiday.

  1.  New York – I mean who doesn’t want to go to New York, the main reason why i really want to go to New York is because I’m really into street / urban photography and i feel like you would get some also photographs with that kinda vibe there.
  2. Greece – I’ve seen so many pictures of places in Greece and they all look so pretty also who can watch Mamma Mia and not want to go to Greece!
  3. Italy – Again  love the way Italy looks in pictures, and just it looks great really ( don’t judge me there’s only so many things you can write about holiday destinations) also the weather it always looks so warm there unless that just Photoshop.
  4. Hawaii –  Much like New York who wouldn’t want to go to Hawaii like its just so beautiful ( cause I’ve clearly been there before !?)
  5. Scotland –  Now I have actually been to Scotland a lot of times before – i know get me arrested for going against the name of this post- but we never really go back to the same places there and it’s so pretty and i have lots of memories from there. Also the Isle of Skye is defiantly my favourite place there

I hope you enjoyed sorry that there wasn’t many pictures in this post, i didn’t really feel like steeling some off of the internet – says the person who’s blog lay out is filled with pictures form the internet, which I am hoping to change soon but you know computer problems.

Have a lovely day…

Autumn Girl, chasing the leaves xoxo


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