5 Things to Help a Bad Day!! 

Hey guys, 

I think we can all relate to them bad days when we feel like giving up! And not gunna lie I’m having one of them today. So I thought I would write 5 things I try and think / do when I’m having a bad day! 

  1. Put my earphones in and listen to my favourite songs 
  2. Your here for a reason things may not be great right now but in years to come imagine the endless places you could be! 
  3. I wrote out a load of happy quotes and stuff and when ever I’m said I go and look at them 
  4. Put in your favourite tv show or series
  5. Try talking to someone I’m really bad at this and often just think that my friends have better things to do with there time then listen to me ☹️😂

Thank you for reading I hope this post has maybe helped you!? And stay happy! 

Autumn Girl, chasing the leaves xoxo


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