Types of People at Christmas// Blogmas // 24 days of AutumnGirl

Hey guys,

Sorry that I didn’t post yesterday (I feel as though I’ve failed you guys!!!, I seriously had trouble getting to sleep I felt so bad, OK I probably sound like an idiot now!!) But today I’m going to try and list as many different types of people as I can that you see around Christmas time !! 

  • The crazy Christmas person, this person has been wjereing Christmas jumpers since October and puts there Christmas tree up on the first of December or even before that !
  • The Chrsitmad jumper person, this person is always whereing the most christmasy Christmas jumpers  they can find 
  • The cook person, firstly there is probably an actual name for this type of person but i cant remember it but anyway!!!!, this is the person who spends the whole of December trying different dishes and trying to create the next Christmas dinner that everyone will have all over the world!!!
  • The party person , so this person just basically is the person who has a party like every day or weekend leading up to Christmas 
  • The crazy gift giver, this person make the most amazing gifts and gives them to so many people often making you feel bad cause you ran out of money so you couldn’t get them something as nice😂!
  • The photographer,now this one is me !!!! The person who is always taking pictures of thee Christmas tree and of the family !!!!

      That is my types of people at Christmas and tell me if you are any of these down below I would love to know I am definatly the photography person !!!! Also hoped you enjoyed and I am so so sorry that I didn’t post yesterday, actually you might have enjoyed a break from me 😂😂!

      Autumn girl, chasing the leaves xoxo


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