Christmas gift guide (above £20) // blogmas // 24 days of AutumnGirl

Hey guys,

So today’s blog is gifts to get your loved ones that are more expensive, if maybe you’ve got more money to spend on people !! I won’t really be putting it into catorgries as i just don’t really think I need to 😂:D !

  • HP Sprocket Mobile Phone Printer – £99.99 
  • HP Stream 11 laptop – £179.95 
  • TopShop Joni jeans -£36 
  • Vans – £55 
  • Adidas trainers – £75 
  • Camera – £250 
  • Record player – £110
  • Zoella pamper hamper – £45 
  • Old fashioned light – £40 
  • Make a hamper and fill it with stuff they love !!!!
  • Tarts water based foundation. – £28 
  • The happiness planner – £40 

That’s really all I can think of sorry I’m not very helpful with higher priced presents !!!!! However if I did help you at all tell me in the comments or if you didn’t find this helpful also tell me in the comments, cause you know why not !!😂😂 

Autumn Girl, chasing the leaves xoxo


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