My Christmas wish list 2016// Blogmas // 24 days of AutumnGirl

Hey guys, 

I haven’t failed with blogmas yet, I’m actually really interested to see if I can get through blogmas with out missing a day!!!! Another thing I’m going to point out is that there is no upload time for these blogs as its going to be hard enough for me to get a blog upneach day let alone at a certain time! 

So day 2 is my Christmas wishlist, I just want to point out that I am not hoping for all these things for Christmas at all they are just ideas for my parents and I thought I would blog it incase  any of you guys are looking for ideas for your Christmas lists ~

  • Little Mix book -our world // WHSmiths // £8.49 
  • A weathered penny rose gold chevron ring // PaperChase // £15 
  • Zoella pamper hamper // Superdrug // £45 
  • Black structured tote bag //New Look //£24 
  • Gabriella soft cat dressing gown //Primark // £16 
  • Gabriella cat fluffy socks // Primary // £2.50 
  • Gabriella leggings & long sleeve PJ set // Primark // £11
  • Long sleeve twist front top ( Red) // Topshop // £20 
  • Topshop Joni Jeans in the faded drak grey (haha worst description ever) // Topshop // idk how much they are around £30 o think 
  • Women’s originals 3-stripes tee (red) personalised // Adidas // £21.95
  • Navy herringbone Check scarf // New Look // £14.99 
  • Pink striped minne mouse night shirt // Primary // £10 
  • Zoella lazy days fragrances candle and socks // Boots // £16 
  • Joe and Caspar hit the road // HMV // £5.99
  • Joe and Caspar hit the road USA // HMV //£13.99
  • Donor Maynard contrast album // amazon // £3.49
  • Only open back bell sleeve tunic – cream // octer // £30 

    And that is everything that is on my Christmas list, although I haven’t written my stocking list yet so I’ll be writing that soon !! Hope you enjoyed cone back tomorrow for blogmas day 3 and pls if ypou are reading like the post and follow !!! Haha 

    Autumn Girl, chasing the leaves xoxo


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