Boxing Day shopping tips!!!

Hey guys,

I am so sorry for not blogging in ages, I’m also sorry that I seem to be starting every single blog with that but I’m preparing for blogmas so I will be blogging everyday in December !!!! Comment below if your excited !! 

So I thought that I would do boxing day shopping tips as its boxing day tomorrow and I don’t know about you but I’m going shopping and I’m on the look out for a good deal, haha! But I’m doing this blog cause I get really anxious in big crowds and stuff and when I starting having anxiety (I can’t think of a better way to explain it then that) one of the things I loved doing the most (shopping) became a lot harder, so I though that I would share some tips with you guys!

Anxiety tips~ 

1.) take your phone iPod or something that plays music (probably not a CD player ) cause it can really help to distract you from what’s going on around you and you’ll just forget that you are in a croud and imagine your somewhere else.

2.) still on the subject of distracting your self from those anxious thoughts and what if? Statments, caryy something in your bag like bubble wrap clay or a bracket with beads on it cause they really help to distract your mind! 

3.) Try and stay with someone so instead of keeping those thoughts in your head you can say them out loud and weather its family or a friend they will do as much as they can to help. I’m pretty sure that most of my friends have now noticed that when I’m nervous about something I start rambling like you wouldn’t believe !!

4.) If you are having a panik attack then between each breath try and count to 3 and then for your next breath try and count to 4 then 5 and so on, cause when I spoke to my ‘cousler’ (I guess that’s what I’ll call her) she said that as my breathing speeds up that’s what makes me very shaky cause I’ve taken in to much oxygen!! 

5.) Keep telling your self the thoughts in your head aren’t actually going to happen cause there not and I know that that is so much easier said then done! 

Shopping tips~ 

1.) If you see something you like don’t buy it straight away unlease there’s only 1 or 2 of that item left caused you could end up finding somethinbb you prefur that on a better deal.

2.) Write a list of ruffly what you are looking for like for me : scrafe and a few different presents for people 

3.) Make sure you pack your bag the night before that way your not rushing around in the morning and can have an extra lie in! 

4.) When planing your outfit make sure its something particle and don’t wear shoes that are going to be a pain to getv on and off could you could be waisting time when you could get some seriously good shopping done, haha 

5.) take your own snakes and drinks from your house caused trust me it saves you a lot of money!!!

Thank you for reading comment below (if anyone is reading) how old you are and how you have come across my blog and weather you like it or not? I might do a haul on what I get , but idk how well a haul will work on a blog , haha also I don’t know if I’ll get enough for a haul, wow how many commas and the word ‘haul’ can in fit in one sentence jeez! Haha! 
Autumn Girl, chasing the leaves Xoxo


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  1. I’d definitely say – if you see something you like, get it straight away! I’ve done the going around and checking other stores thing and then the item I wanted was gone! One of the worst feeling ever.


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