Fears!!! :#

Hey Guys,

So firstly i am so so so so so so sorry for not posting in so long i’ve been away and i just got court up in stuff, especially with going back to school this Thursday coming, whyyyyyy!? However i am posting blog this morning and then another one maybe at some point tomorrow! But let’s get on with this blog for now…….

Incase you haven’t guessed by the name todays blog post is about fears! And i don’t know about you but i have a lot of fears :#! So i thought that i would just list some or maybe all of my fears, please don’t judge me!

  • Knifes, i don’t know why i have this fear or any of my fears to be honest! But if i’m in the kitchen and someone gets a knife out i will walk out the room. It’s not like i’m afraid of using them i’m not scared of that but it’s when other people are like i don’t know what’s going on in there head do i, and they could of done something to make them angry at some point!
  • The dark, now i don’t need to exlain this one cause i know this is common theme maybe not so much in a thirteen year old but ……..
  • Spiders!
  • Needles, i hate needles, who invented them why would you invent them, they just inflict pain on you there for are some sort of weapon so band them and give them to the military quickly, the we go fear sorted!!! Your Welcome πŸ™‚
  • Hights, what happens if i loose balance or something, i’ll tell you what ……… dead, and it will be a painfull death at that!
  • Death, the though of death scares me A LOT as what if i die before completing my dreams of helping people every where i can 😦
  • Blood
  • Sick
  • Going Upside down
  • Cars and Travel
  • The annoying Orange (don’t you dare judge me)
  • places where there are a lot of different loud sounds
  • embarrassing my self (which i do a lot)
  • restaurants (i no it’s a weird one)

And there all of them i think, encase your just wondering yes i over think a lot! Please tell me some of your fears down below comment as many as you like and give this post a like for completely embarrassing my self, and if you are new here give my blog a follow so you’ll never miss a post from me, it means a lot!

Autumn Girl, chasing leaves Xoxo


3 thoughts on “Fears!!! :#

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  1. Spiders is a definate fear LOL and they are small haha when we are bigger LOL
    Guess the looks of spiders and that they can be posionous can be something we scared about them πŸ˜› Heights – oh yesss! XD

    Liked by 1 person

      1. OMG really? ahahaahhaha Spiders are scary creatures, worst thing if one goes inside your clothes and you don’t know where it is hahahah (scared!) XD BTW, thank you so much for the follow back! ❀ Welcome to my blog fam! x


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