Hey guys, It's been a long week! And I'm going to blog about it because this is my safe place and hopefully someone is reading this and can help. There's two kinda main parts to my problems this week, but there has also been other small-ish family issues. So the first problem Boy Troubles! Yes,... Continue Reading →



Hey guys, So it hasn't really actually been that long since I last posted a Q&A, maybe a few months, but I thought I would do another one! I didn't actually get that many people comment on my post asking for questions (welcome to my sad life) but the people who did asked a lot... Continue Reading →


Hey guys so basically I think that once a week (not sure on a day yet) I'll share a quote that I've found somewhere on the internet and share it with you!!!  "Cupcake are muffins that believed in miracles"  Autumn Girl, chasing the leaves xoxo

Autumn Tag !!!

Hey Guys, Okay so this post was actually meant to go up last year but it was meant to be a collab with someone but they stopped replying all of a sudden and I realised a few days ago that they had deleted there blog. So anyway I'm so excited for autumn it's by far... Continue Reading →

Devon 2017

Hey guys, So I recently got back from my holiday to Devon so I thought I would write a post about it and show you guys some of the photos I took. I hope you enjoy! Saturday 12th August - We travelled up to Lynmouth, Devon which was were we stayed and it took I... Continue Reading →

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