Life Update/ Blogmas Day 6!

Hey guys, So I thought I would write another little life update for you! For once nothing big and extravagant has gone wrong, so we'll see where this ends up! Lets talk about LIFE eyyyy! I'm in such a weird mood! It's weird I feel like I've got some sort of writers block or something,... Continue Reading →


My Life in 8 Photos!

Hey guys, So I was looking back through some of Zoe Sugg's old blog posts (in a none, creepy, stalkerish way!) And came across a post called: "My Life in 8 photos." I thought it was such a cute post and great way for some of you to get to know me a bit better! Click... Continue Reading →


Hey guys, It's been a long week! And I'm going to blog about it because this is my safe place and hopefully someone is reading this and can help. There's two kinda main parts to my problems this week, but there has also been other small-ish family issues. So the first problem Boy Troubles! Yes,... Continue Reading →

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